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[Q] Bean, my favorite BeanBlog entry no longer appears on this page. What gives?
[A] It has probably been archived.

[Q] I heard you did some drawings. Where can I see them?
[A] I post links to them in my blog entries. You can see a complete directory listing of them here. Also, you can suggest my next drawing subject matter by emailing me your idea.

[Q] How did you make this blog, Bean?
[A] I used the free service available from WebCrimson.

[Q] I love your page, Bean, and I'd like shower praise upon you. How can I do this?
[A] You can email me at or leave a comment or two. will no longer be updated. All future blogs will go to I am switching to blogger because Webcrimson is too unreliable. More deets here.

Posted Friday, March 18, 2005, 1:16 pm, [link to this entry]
Incase you missed the big banner at the top of this page, this is notification that no new blogs will be blogged at  All new content will go to  Update yer links, yo.  More deets here.
Posted Friday, March 11, 2005, 1:05 pm, [link to this entry]

I need help.

I have so much beer in my basement that I fear some of it is going to go bad if someone doesn't help me drink it.  I like brewing, but I may have to cut back on it, or else step up the drinking.  I have a new neighbor... maybe he's a beer drinker.  I'll ask when I meet him.

In brewing-related news: Barkley, Hicks, and I will be brewing 20 more gallons this weekend.  I will probably take 10 of those.  The beers are NBA and CHIPA.  I finally kegged and sampled the St. Chunk's Porter from a month or so ago.  It's bangtastic.  Stef even likes it.  The Nessie Wee is coming along nicely - I'll probably throw it in cold storage in a few more weeks and let it age there for a month or two.

In beer-related news: Rich O's, Sportstime Pizza, and the New Albanian Brewery are starting "Gravity Head 2005" today.  For the next month, they'll have a large selection of high-gravity beers on tap and on cask.  High gravity refers to the specific gravity of the beer before it has fermented.  A highy gravity beer has a high specific gravity because of the large amount of sugars present.  This large amount of sugar gets converted into large amounts of alcohol.  High gravity beers range from 6 or 7 percent ABV all the way up to the 20's.  Check out this link (search the page for "samichlaus") for a list of the beers they'll have.

And I'm OAT.

Total Loss
Posted Monday, March 7, 2005, 8:38 am, [link to this entry]

For those of you with whom I do not speak on a regular basis, here's a news flach: A few weeks ago, I was in a car accident and my trusty Nissan truck was badly dammaged.  Here's the whole story:

Stef and I went to Louisville for our first set of dance lessons.  We are going to be hip-hop superstars.  Afterwards, about 7pm, we went to Osaka, a little sushi bar down the street from th edance studio.  We ate a lot fo sushi, and before we left, the sushi guy convinced Stef to take home a container of ginger.  He assured us that if we ate one piece a day, it would make us skinny.  Whatever.  Next, we went to Wet Willys for a drink.  Stef had an Erdinger, and I had a Bell's Two-Hearted Ale.  Being as full as we were, we decided to leave it at one beer and head home.

Our standard route home from Wet Willy's goes through one of Louisville's "Urban Housing" areas.  Because of this, the lights along the street are timed such that once you enter the "Urban Housing" area, you don't really have to stop, so long as you go 30 mph (too fast to get carjacked).  So there we are, cruising down Jefferson, hitting the lights as they turn green.

Then, as my nose is about to enter the last timed light intersectio9n, I glance at the light and see that mine is still red.  I can see that the opposing light is yellow.  Crap... I must have gotten ahead of the pattern... but it's too late now.  Better to try and get through the intersection than to slam on my brakes and stop in the middle of it.  As luck would have it, there was approximately one (1) other car on the roads of downtown louisville that night, and the driver was trying to beat a red light.

Stef and I were in the intersection before we saw th eother car.  We were almost through it before he hit us.  He was driving a little coupe of some kind, and he was driving it fast (hence my mention that we was tryign to beat the red), because when he hit us in the passenger side rear wheel, we flipped up on our side, spun a bit, and slid 50 feet or so before my tired caught and plopped us back up on all 4.  It happend pretty fast.  My engine was still running and there was pickled ginger all over the cab.  My windshield was broken.  Even while th eaccident was takign place, I was asking Stef is she was okay.  Luckilly, we were both fine, a little startled, but physically fine when I shut off my engine and got out to go check on the other people.

They were both out of their car, a guy was driving his girls car from what I could tell.  I repeatedly asked if they were okay, but all they said to me (over and over again) was "My car!  my car! (the chick)" and "Man, you had a red light (the dude)".  I did have a red light... but so did he.  By the time I was through, there is no way his shits were still yellow.  At any rate, I went back to my truck to asses the dammage.  It was dammaged on about 70% of the body panels and the windsheild was broken.  The frame around the cab was knocked slightly off kilter.  The other car was crushed like an accordian.  Good thing they had airbags. 

An ambulance was there in about 90 seconds... somehow.  And police and firetruck soon followed.  The other car was leaking fluids, so the moved it out of the intersection (I drove mine up on the curb) and flooded the street with a nerby hydrant to wash off the debris and fluids.  Everyone but Stef and I was gone within 20 minutes, and traffic resumed.  We waited on John to come over so he could follow us home - my tail lights were out.

On the ride home, my truck drove fabulously.  I don't know how, but there didn't seem to be any dammage to the frame other than the cab, and the allignment was spot-on.  The next day I reported it to insurance and took it in for an estimate.  10K in dammage, so they declared it a total loss.  After a 1k deductible and buying back the salvage (still driveable, for $1750), I got a check for 10.5K and sold the wreck for $2250 for a total walk-away of 11K.  I had just paid my truck off in January.

Last night I bought a 97 Nissan Sentra for $2650.  88K miles, runs like a champ so far, and gets 35 mpg.  The rest of the payoff went to zero out ALL of our credit card debt.

All in all, things could have been a lot worse.

Posted Friday, February 25, 2005, 11:38 am, [link to this entry]

Made some good soup the other night.  It was hella-easy and tasted Tony-The-Tiger Grrrrrrreat!

Buy a rotiserie chicken and shred it.  Set it aside.  Pour 1 16oz jar of Salsa Verde into a pot and let it get hot.  Add in 1 can of beans (white/black/whatever), 4 cups of chicken stock, the shredded chicken, and a little cumin.  Simmer for 15 minutes.  Serve with a dollup of sour cream and some tortilla chips.  Thank me later.

In the line-up for tonight: Homemade fondue and Cap'n Crunch-battered chicken strips, sereved with honey-mustard and a pint or two of custom-designed, homemade, handcrafted beer.  TGIFBABAI!

Posted Thursday, February 17, 2005, 1:06 pm, [link to this entry]

When I see new, cool things on TV, I am often suckered into going out and buying them.  Usually they are little things - a new flavor of Coke (Side note: Lime Coke is trach), a new type of this or that, or some gadget that solved an everyday problem.  I am usually less than impressed.  However, on rare occasions, I come accrost something that reaffirms my faith in the always-trying-new-things lifestyle.  Past items include the Cotton Candy Blizzard from DQ, Certian brands of string cheese, and the Mach 3 Power.  Well, ladies and scruds, I've found another: Zicam Cold Remedy.

Last weekend, Saturday to be specific, I woke up early to brew some beer (Scottish Wee Heavy for those interested).  I was done by 1pm and decided to go for a run.  3 miles later, I was home and in the shower, then off to Brwonings for lunch with Stef, John, and Terri.  After the run, my legs were a little sore, and jumping into a car for the next 20 minutes didn't seem to help that situation, but by the end of the meal, it was becomming obvious to me that something wasn't right.  I was starting to feel soreness throughout my body and showing symptoms of a head-cold (runny nose, sneezing, etc.).  When I stood up to leave the resturaunt, I knew something was coming on... either a cold or the flu.

On the way home, we stopped by Rite-Aid so John could buy some HerpeVagiCort for his mangina, so I went in and looked through the Cold/Flu/Sinus aisle.  Then I saw it, Zicam Cold Remedy.  My mom had mentioned it to me once or twice, but I'd never tried it.  It was $10.99 for two boxes (buy 1 get 1 free) so I got the nasal swabs and the quick-dissolve tablets.  I ate one of the tablets before the store clerk even had my change ready.  I got home, layed on the floor for a few minutes, then watched a movie.  3 hours later, I applied a nasal swap and decided to chill out for just a bit longer.  By the time I applied the third treatment, I could tell it was working, and by bedtime, I felt 100% better.

Now, I'm not saying it's gonna cure you in 9 hours like it did me, but I am convinced this stuff works.  And for the $10.99 I spent, I still have about 90% of the product left for later colds.  Maybe it magic, or maybe it's snake oil, and the effects I experienced were psychosomatic, but either way, that cold got nipped in the bud.  BANG!

Posted Friday, February 4, 2005, 11:51 am, [link to this entry]

Stef and I are jumping in the Ohio River again this year for the SOKY Polar Bear Plunge.  Most of you have probably already recieved a solicitation-email from me, but incase you didn't, here is the link you can follow to sponsor me.  It's tax deductible:

Which reminds me... there will be a 2005 Summer Duck Plunge sometime in July.  Plan on it.  I'll post details as they are finalized.

Heading to Indianapolis today after work.  Playing poker tonight and then brewing all day tomorrow.  Should be fun.  Not sure what the plan is for Sunday.  I don't really care about the Super Bowl, I probably wont feel much like drinking, and the commercials (which are the main reason I watch) will be online afterwards.  Maybe Sunday will be a good day to go to the grocery store... everyone else will be watching TV.

Also, for those that give 2 craps about the beer I brew, the IPA (which was awesome) is gone and the Badunkadunk is on tap in it's place.  It's pretty darn good - fairly dry, with a wheaty-yeasty taste and great banana-clove aroma.  Better than the commercial Dunkel we tried while we were brewing.  The ESB is kegged and ready to drink as well.  It's a pretty plain beer - not much hop aroma or maltiness.  Next time it might be good to add some honey malt or maybe carmelize some of the first runnings to give it a little more of a malty kick.  It's a good beerpong beer, and BMC drinkers will probably like it.

Habba enjoy weekend.

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